pgn4web video integration and vertical layout

This shows the option for vertical layout for the pgn4web integration with HTML5 video; the vertical layout should fit better narrower blog templates.
Read the instructions for the pgn4web integration with HTML5 video.


The chess puzzler google gadget

The sidebar column on the right features the chess puzzler of the day.

The right button underneath the chessboard steps through the puzzler's solution for you to check your findings. The left button steps back. Click on square D8 for more details about today's puzzler.

The chess puzzler is featured on the pgn4web homepage, please note how size and colors can be customized.

This applet can be easily added to your website or your blog, either natively or pre-packaged as google gadget for your iGoogle page or your google sites based website. Check the instructions at the chess puzzler page of the pgn4web wiki.


First post

This is a test blog for the pgn4web project, it should be irrelevant to anyone outside the pgn4web development team.

The pgn4web blog is at http://pgn4web-blog.casaschi.net